Tuesday, August 16, 2016

How To Save Money While Traveling: A Few Helpful Hints

A lot of people complain about how expensive traveling can be, but few are willing to bother with money-saving tips. Here are three of them, which could probably save any tourist hundreds of dollars.

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  1. Choosing accommodations in a foreign land can spell the difference between spending a couple of hundred dollars, or a few thousand. Hostels, used apartments and online hospitality exchanges such as Couchsurfing are less expensive alternatives to hotels.
  2. When tourists take only the things they need, they travel light. This is secondary to traveling cheap since having gear which weighs less decreases the chances of being slapped with extra charges at the airport. One bag per person is the ideal ratio.
  3. As with the choice of accommodations, dining places should be considered with utmost caution. Travelers should only eat at posh and famous restaurants if the gustatory experience is the entire point of the trip. If it isn’t, every city in the world has hundreds of places with great cooking for very affordable prices.
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John Binkley currently lives in Dallas. He is the founder of Generational Equity. But his real passion lies in spreading the Word of God during missions. To learn more about the work of Binkley and his missions, follow this blog.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Facts About Short-Term Mission Trips

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Short-term mission trips are always a cause for excitement and anxiety, especially for first-timers. But if the heart is in the right place, and if the faith is strong enough, then mission trips may very well be opportunities for the improvement of the self and other communities. But also as important is the knowledge of the reality surrounding short-term mission trips. Here are some facts that people should know about short-term mission trips:

  • Missionaries are not heroes. This is one of the first things people should understand. Instead of trying to be short-term heroes, people on missions should work towards being partners for the long haul.
  • Missionaries are not on missions for themselves. Although this is pretty obvious, it bears repeating. One of the biggest mistakes missionaries make is sign up for a mission in pursuit of a personal agenda. That should never be the case. The mission is all about others.
  • Poverty might be very surprising, and unexpected. First of all, people should understand that poverty doesn’t just mean lack of finances. There is such a thing as spiritual and systemic poverty. And everyone without God is poor. Through serving Him and helping others overcome their spiritual thirst, people can overcome this emptiness.

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Dr. John Binkley, Jr. is the founder of Generational Equity. He lives in Dallas, Texas. But what he really loves to do is spread the Word of God. To learn more about the work of John Binkley and his missions, follow this LinkedIn profile.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Spreading The Gospel: Tips For a Successful Mission Trip

After responding to God's call for you to be a missionary, preparations do not just involve raising financial support but also attending workshops and training to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful mission work. Here are some tips to make a mission trip successful and a memorable one:

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Collaborate with the team: A mission trip usually consists of a team. Make sure that you build good rapport with team members if you still haven't. Set goals, plan programs, and have Bible studies with them.

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Learn the language: If you are visiting another country or a province that speaks a different language, it would be best to learn its dialect. Common expressions and sentences can make a conversation with a local more engaging. Yes, it might be hard, but mission voyages can be more fruitful if you know the local language because you can interact more with the residents.

Research: Learn about the history and culture of the place that you are going. Understand the social dos and don'ts.

Listen and learn: Yes, you will go there to share God's Word, but that does not mean that they will do all the learning. You will also have to listen genuinely and learn from them. Share the Gospel with an open and humble heart, tell and listen to stories.

Of course, always take the time to spend your own quiet time with God. Seek Him every day so you will be able to reflect His love to the people that you are reaching out to.

Dr. John Binkley of Dallas, Texas, the founder of lower-middle market mergers and acquisitions firm Generational Equity, has spent over 20 years spreading God’s Word and participating in various outreach programs throughout the world. He has partnered with different ministries and organizations in planting churches, establishing water wells, and providing HIV/AIDS education to countless underserviced communities. To learn more about Dr. Binkley, visit this LinkedIn page.